Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, my sense of self is grounded in the waters and forests that surround us. My love of nature and the human condition have enabled me to bring humor and humanity to this work while still holding respect and reverence for the painful and challenging issues that are addressed in therapy. I don’t shy away from providing honest and direct feedback based on my observations and insights but will do so with sensitivity and attunement in order to soften the messages that are sometimes difficult to hear.


I received a B.S. in Oceanography at the University of Washington and, after realizing that people were more interesting than plankton, I enrolled and completed my MA in systems counseling from the Leadership Institute of Seattle in 2010. Since that time, I have worked in a number of mental health agencies including adult outpatient clinics, elementary and middle schools and private practice.

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."

-Louisa May Alcott

How I Work

I believe that each individual is the world’s leading expert on their own experience. Unfortunately, stress, depression, anxiety and trauma interfere with our ability to make positive choices and engage in healthy behavior. My work with clients has led me to believe that fear is one of the primary driving forces in our behavior. Whether it’s the workaholic who has a fear of failure or a parent who fears setting boundaries, understanding the driver of one’s behavior is an important component in the therapeutic process. A large part of my work is helping those individuals identify or get in touch with their internal compass, to find the direction that is uniquely suited to them. I approach and conceptualize my work with clients from a systemic framework. I incorporate pieces from a number of theoretical orientations such as narrative, CBT, internal family systems, and motivational interviewing yet am guided by the needs and concerns of each individual client and my understanding of what they may respond to best.